About Skyewalsound 500 x 500

Hi, I'm Skye! I'm a friendly and hardworking live sound engineer based in the South-West of England. I created Skyewalsound in 2019 as the face of my freelance engineering work.

I graduated from dBs Institute of Sound and music in 2022 and have gained experience working in the live music and corporate sectors. My career is dedicated to ensuring high quality audio for a variety of clients. I primarily specialise in monitor and patch engineering but am also branching into front of house work. Outside of on-site work, I've worked in multiple warehouses, helping to facilitate the logistics of live events.

Your event is my passion; I believe that my adoration of music and live events forms the basis of all of my work. Whether you're a venue or promoter searching for a new engineer to bring into your venue, or an artist looking for a dedicated engineer to take on tour, I am happy to consider and discuss all opportunities!

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