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I am currently working as a technician and teacher on the live sound degree at dBs Institute. Here myself and my amazing colleagues teach new and budding engineers the ins and outs of live sound. We’re all passionate industry professionals who focus strongly on creating an amazing next generation of engineers. 

I am happy to extend my teaching outside of dBs. I enjoy taking new engineers on site with me to shadow and see how I work. I’d also like to offer small workshops to encourage interest into live sound. I’ve previously spoken on panels discussing inclusivity and diversity in the industry and am always more than willing to continue the conversation.  

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Subjects that I can teach include: 

  • Front of house and signal flow
  • Stage patch and cable management 
  • Monitor engineering 
  • Use of analogue and digital mixing desks from a wide variety of brands
  • Microphone placement for instruments in a live sound context
  • Dante and other audio networking protocols
  • Inclusivity and diversity in the live sound industry
  • Accessibility in the live sound industry

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